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Our History

Cook's Bison Ranch is a unique way to spend your time. Come back home to visit with this true American legend. It is an excellent journey for all ages. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.It all began in 1939 when Grandpa Everett Cook purchased an 83-acre farm, complete with house and barn, for a grand total of $5,000. After being told it was the worst investment he had ever made, he paid it off with two good years of popcorn. Today, that "worst investment" has become a third-generation dream...Cook's Bison Ranch.

Our Vision

It all began in December of 1998, so we thought. Little did we know it had actually begun in 1939 with the purchase of a farm in the small town of Wolcottville, Indiana. Grandpa Everett Cook purchased the farm—including a house, barn, and 83 acres—for a grand total of $5,000. After being told it was the worst investment he had ever made, he was able to pay it off with two good years of popcorn.This "worst investment" now homes our dream. The same striving spirit of innovative and visionary ideas of grandpa was passed down to his son, Wayne Cook, a former successful business owner and inheritor of the farm. Further, this same spirit now thrives in a 3rd generation.

A hometown boy with a dream

A young, hometown boy from Wolcottville had a dream—a dream of raising bison. Having traveled with his family for a number of years to Wyoming, he became fascinated with the bison. Picture-taking, trips through Yellowstone, and visiting buffalo museums were not enough for Peter Cook. After becoming a member of the National Bison Association along with extensive research and, of course, convincing his father that raising this seemingly wild animal was a sensible idea, we got our first 30 bison in December of 1998, thus establishing Cook's Bison Ranch.

Those first bison traveled in strong blizzard conditions from Tennessee and from Bourbon and Bremen, Indiana. Just as the once-endangered bison have begun to multiply, our herd and farm continue to grow and host group tours of all sizes, including motor coach and school groups.

Bison...the meat of the future

Cook's Bison Ranch believes that bison meat is the meat for the future. We strive to produce a quality product that is naturally tasty, tender, and healthy. Bison meat has no gamey flavor. You can now imagine eating a delicious red meat and not feel guilty.Our animals receive no growth hormones or stimulants, and we raise almost all our own hay and grain for feed. We feel it is important that we can provide all of our customers with accurate information on the meat they are buying.What all began with family: grandpa's farm as a home for the bison, grandpa's old hay wagon used for giving hay ride tours, grandpa's tractor for doing chores, grandpa's barn for storing equipment, and grandpa's spirit which still lives on, still perseveres with family. The whole family welcomes you to be our guests for a distinct taste and unique trip out to see a true American icon. Visit Cook's Bison Ranch and be a part of our living history.

Cooks Bison Ranch

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