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Cook's Bison Ranch Outfitters is owned and operated by family and friends, and is located in Northeast Indiana in an area well known as the "Land of the 101 Lakes." The area is also known for its large deer population, including record bucks, and large flocks of eastern wild turkeys. Further, Cook's Bison Ranch ground is managed to produce and hold large game animals.Cook's Bison Ranch manages one of the largest unique bison herd in Indiana, and offers the unique experience of harvesting your own bison. This hunt will provide you the opportunity to take home naturally raised, naturally lean, and naturally delicious bison meat.Typical bison/buffalo hunts last one day and can be conducted year 'round, but the hides are best from October through April. The meat from the bison is excellent any time, and will be processed upon your request.

With our passion for the outdoors, we feel we can cater to your every need to make your adventure with us one you'll always remember. Bring your family and let them enjoy our farm, the nearby Amish culture, and array of local activities. If you're interested in a quality outdoor experience at a fair price, contact our Hunt Manager, Doug, at  260-316-5267.

Guided Hunts

This form of hunt will be fully catered to your every need. All stand sites will be in position for you or, if needed, we will hang and move your stands for you. A guide will not be with you at the site during your hunt only with exceptions. In some cases, such as a youth hunter or during turkey hunts, we will assist you with your hunt.You will be transported to and from all the sites and taken in and out to make your hunt as comfortable as possible. After an animal is harvested, we will take care of everything for you. We do not have processing of our own here, but we can have it done for a small fee at a meat locker, or we can cape and quarter the animal and ready it to be transported. If you wish to have your trophy mounted, we can assist you with that.You will be able to contact the guide at all times and, in some cases, the guide might hunt the same property as you to help with scouting of different areas. We hope to make your hunt with us one you'll always remember, so feel free to contact Doug at 260-316-5267 if you have any questions.

Hunt Pricing  & Additional Information

Deer Hunting
Bow • Firearms • Muzzleloader
3-day Deer Hunt - $1,000 • 5-day Deer Hunt - $1,400
*All deer hunts are semi-guided unless special arrangements are requested in advance • $100 per day additional for fully-guided

Turkey Hunting
3-day Turkey Hunt - $700 • 5-day Turkey Hunt - $1,000
Bison Hunting
Call our Hunt Manager, Doug, at 260-316-5267 for bison hunt pricing and availability
Waterfowl Hunting
Call our Hunt Manager, Doug, at 260-316-5267 for waterfowl hunt pricing and availability
Additional Information
All deer and turkey hunts are 100% fair chase; no high fences. All state and federal rules and regulations apply. Purchase of hunting license per state is required by hunter. Fees vary by state. Contact us at 866-382-2356 for pricing.

50% non-refundable deposit is required for booking with the remaining balance to be paid in full upon arrival.

• All pricing includes lodging at a local hotel and are subject to change without notice
• World-class taxidermist located within 2 miles of ranch
• Handicap accessible housing and hunts available
• Active and retired military discounts available
• Hunting license not included in pricing, but can be purchased upon arrival at ranch
• Optional area attractions include: fishing, canoeing, sporting clays - Visit for more information

Cooks Bison Ranch

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